Get to know us: Matt Thomas (part 3)

Unveiling the Minds Behind Cochrane Wolves FC: Meet Our Coaches

Have you ever been curious about the driving force behind Cochrane Wolves FC? It’s time to introduce you to the individuals who mold the destiny of this soccer powerhouse. We are thrilled to embark on an exciting journey that offers you a glimpse behind the curtains and into the minds of the dedicated coaches of Cochrane Wolves FC.

In a realm of strategy, hard work, and soaring ambitions, these coaches are the masterminds behind the team’s victories and the mentors who nurture aspirations. We’re taking a seat with them to pose the questions you’ve been longing to ask. From their personal soccer odysseys to the deepest wellsprings of their inspiration, we’re delving into their wealth of experiences and philosophical outlooks.

This venture goes beyond the game itself; it’s about the remarkable individuals who elevate it. Come along as we establish an intimate connection with the coaches of Cochrane Wolves FC, where they’ll share their personal narratives, insights, and unwavering passion. Let’s explore their world, unravel the mysteries that drive them, and uncover the motivating forces that fuel one of the most dynamic soccer teams.

We asked Matt Thomas:

  1. What inspired you to become a soccer coach, and how has your journey been so far in guiding young players?
    Knowing the impact socially and mentally that sports has is what drove me to being a coach.
  2. Can you share a memorable success story of a young athlete you’ve coached and how their development on and off the field has impacted their life?
    I remember it like yesterday coaching Sam Adekugbe who currently plays for the Vancouver Whitecaps and Canada Soccer. Reminding players of the work ethic not only on the field but off it can have such an effect in life to come and Sam was a true testament of this.
  3. In your coaching philosophy, what role does character development and sportsmanship play in shaping young players into well-rounded individuals?
    My character is to enjoy but more importantly meet players where they are at in the stage of there development.
  4. Cochrane Wolves FC places a strong emphasis on inclusivity. How do you ensure that every child, regardless of background or skill level, feels welcome and valued within the club?
    When you look around our club you see the diverse which helps any player coming into our environment that we try and install.
  5. Could you describe the coaching methods you use to instill a love for the game and a sense of discipline and dedication in your young players?
    Its more finding out why they play the game and how best we can use that as a starting point for that individual.
  6. What are the key life skills that you aim to impart to your players through soccer, and how do these skills translate into success beyond the field?
    Never give up, be willing to try and be open to that road of success being in different directions as that’s how real life can be.
  7. As mentors and role models, how do you encourage young athletes to set and pursue ambitious goals in both their soccer careers and personal lives?
    Always and that is led from the players.
  8. Cochrane Wolves FC is known for its sense of community and camaraderie. How do you foster teamwork and unity among your players, and why is this important in youth sports?
    Because its bigger than the game itself. Life skills are a trait we indulge in and use sport to bring that out each session and game.
  9. Could you share some insights into the coaching staff’s commitment to safety and creating a supportive environment for young players to thrive and develop their skills?
    We train and play like its our last session which makes sure we never drop the standard and accountability that has been thrust unto us.
  10. What advice would you give to young athletes who aspire to follow in your footsteps and become coaches themselves, making a positive impact on future generations of soccer players?
    Think of how you can help that next player on all fronts who sometimes just needs that support.


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