U10 - U19

The outline

Program Focus
& Philosophy

Our Competitive Program provides two (2) streams of programming to provide players with the appropriate challenge, and training group to ensure players are in the right environment for their development. Our Competitive Programs participate in Calgary Minor Soccer League (CMSA). All players are invited to train for a week to allow Technical Staff the opportunity to see the players together and place them appropriately in the league.

Program Principles

  • Holistic Development

We focus on developing all 4-corners of holistic development and strive to design activities where all 4 corners are present in each activity/game through creative conditions and challenges.

  • Training will be appropriate for everyone

We design and tailor our sessions to the level and mindset of the player. This means we can adapt/adjust each session to ensure every child’s needs are met. We understand it is imperative to provide individual feedback and challenges, so all players are engaged.

  • Competitive will be Accessible

We will strive to provide every child who wishes to play competitively the opportunity to do so and will ensure that barriers to the sport do not prevent you from participating.

Program Details


At the U11 age group we will enter competitive teams into CMSA League Play. This will provide players who have a passion for the game, and training to challenge themselves in a competitive environment against City based Teams. We are excited to continue transitioning players from our Skill-Centre program into TLP as we strengthen our player-pathway at the Club.

Our TLP program strives to compete at the Development, Tier 1 & 2 levels. Over the past 9 months our teams have progressed through the Tiers as we prepare to enroll in Canada Soccer’s Club Licensing Program at the National Youth License Level. Attaining the Club License will allow our Teams the opportunity to participate in the Alberta Youth Soccer League (AYSL) in the future.

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Cochrane Wolves FC (CWFC) is a not for profit, minor sport organization that provides soccer programming to the Town of Cochrane and surrounding area. We are part of the Big Country Soccer Association District and our Tiered League Play teams participate in the Calgary Minor Soccer Association’s league.

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