Get to know us: Matt Thomas (part 2)

Unveiling the Cochrane Wolves FC Coaches: A Personal Encounter

Step onto the sidelines of Cochrane Wolves FC, and you’ll find a world of strategy, mentorship, and unwavering dedication. But who are the individuals that breathe life into this passionate team? It’s time to pull back the curtain and introduce you to the extraordinary coaches who drive the Wolves to success.

In our exclusive series, we’re peeling back the layers to bring you face to face with these remarkable mentors. We’re armed with questions, and they’ve got the answers. Get ready to dive into the depths of their experiences, philosophies, and stories that have molded them into the coaches they are today.

This isn’t your average interview; it’s a chance to know the individuals who shape the future of Cochrane Wolves FC intimately. Join us as we embark on a journey to uncover the human stories behind the playbook and gain insights that extend beyond the field. Let’s meet the minds behind the Wolves and explore the passion that fuels their pursuit of excellence.

We asked Matt Thomas:

  1. What kind of feedback do you give players?
    Matt answered: I navigate bringing the feedback out of the players and having them show me or us what they have learnt in that session
  2. How do you communicate with players?
    Matt answered: Through chatting one to one, with parents, with teammates.
  3. What are your expectations for player behaviour off the field?
    Matt answered: To bring the skills that they incorporate on the field into there social life school, home life etc
  4. How do you develop players?
    Matt answered: A very wide question but entails a variety of different ways that we have to be aware of and patience.
  5. What have been your biggest success stories as a coach?
    Matt answered: Developed many players that are now playing in the English Premiership and other leagues around the world.
  6. Do you have any experience coaching professional players?
    Matt answered: My coaching positions were all at professional clubs before coming to Canada.


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