Preparing Your Child for the Outdoor Soccer Season

The shift from indoor to outdoor soccer is almost upon us, bringing with it the promise of sunny days, green fields, and the thrill of the game played under the open sky. It’s one of the most exciting times of the year for our young athletes and their supportive families. As we approach this transition, here’s a guide on how you can help your child gear up for the outdoor season, ensuring they’re ready to enjoy every pass, goal, and victory to the fullest.

1. Embrace the Great Outdoors

The move outdoors means more space and different playing conditions. Encourage your child to spend more time outside, getting accustomed to running, playing, and even practicing skills in a variety of weather conditions. This not only helps with physical acclimatization but also renews their love for the game in its most traditional setting.

2. Gear Check and Update

Outdoor soccer can be tougher on gear, especially shoes and shin guards. Review your child’s equipment together and make sure everything fits properly and is in good condition. Consider investing in quality, weather-appropriate gear that will not only protect them but also boost their confidence on the field.

3. Focus on Fitness

Outdoor soccer demands more endurance due to larger field sizes and longer match durations. Work on building your child’s stamina with fun, engaging activities like cycling, swimming, or even family jogs. Incorporating endurance exercises into their routine will help them stay energetic and sharp throughout the game.

4. Nutrition and Hydration

With increased physical activity, proper nutrition and hydration become even more critical. Teach your child the importance of a balanced diet rich in fruits, vegetables, proteins, and whole grains to fuel their body for performance. Also, emphasize the importance of staying hydrated before, during, and after practices and matches, making water their best friend.

5. Skill Sharpening

The transition outdoors is a great time to refine and expand their soccer skills. Encourage your child to work on their ball control, passing, and shooting in the backyard or at a local park. You can even join in to make practice sessions more fun and engaging.

6. Mental Preparation

Outdoor soccer brings its own set of challenges and pressures. Discuss with your child the importance of a positive mindset, focusing on effort and growth rather than just wins and losses. Teach them to embrace mistakes as learning opportunities and to support their teammates through thick and thin.

7. Rest and Recovery

As the intensity of outdoor soccer picks up, so does the need for adequate rest and recovery. Ensure your child understands the value of good sleep, taking days off for rest, and listening to their body to prevent overuse injuries. Balance is key to a healthy, enjoyable season.

8. Team Connection

The start of the outdoor season is also a fresh opportunity to strengthen team bonds. Encourage your child to participate in team activities, get to know new teammates, and build relationships off the field. Strong camaraderie among players translates into better teamwork and success on the field.

9. Goal Setting

Sit down with your child and set personal and team goals for the season. Having clear objectives can motivate them to put in their best effort and keep track of their progress. Remember to set realistic, achievable goals that focus on skill development, teamwork, and personal growth.

10. Enjoy the Game!

Last but not least, remind your child (and yourself!) that soccer is a game meant to be enjoyed. Celebrate their efforts, cheer them on at every game, and make sure they know that win or lose, you’re proud of their dedication and love for the game.


As we kick off the outdoor season, our focus at Cochrane Wolves FC is not just on creating skilled soccer players but on nurturing young individuals who love the game and everything it teaches them about teamwork, discipline, and joy. By preparing your child with the right gear, mindset, and support, you’re setting them up for a season filled with growth, fun, and unforgettable memories.

Here’s to a fantastic outdoor season ahead! Go, Wolves!

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