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Meet the Minds Behind Cochrane Wolves FC: Coaches Unveiled

Ever wondered what drives the heartbeat of Cochrane Wolves FC? It’s time to unveil the characters who shape the destiny of this soccer powerhouse. We’re launching an exciting series that takes you behind the scenes and into the minds of the Cochrane Wolves FC coaches.

In a world of strategy, sweat, and soaring goals, these coaches are the architects of triumphs and the guides of dreams. We’re sitting down with them to ask the questions you’ve always wanted answers to. From their soccer journeys to their deepest inspirations, we’re digging into their experiences and philosophies.

This isn’t just about the game; it’s about the people who make it extraordinary. Join us as we get up close and personal with the coaches of Cochrane Wolves FC, sharing their stories, insights, and passion. Let’s delve into their world, learn what makes them tick, and discover the driving forces behind one of the most dynamic teams in soccer.

We asked Tariq:

  1. What do you love most about soccer?
    Tariq answered: What I love most about soccer are the beautiful moments it can create. From the magic of dribbling to the technical quality behind the finishing. Every moment there is an opportunity to enjoy and appreciate the magical experiences and emotions involved.
  2. What was your favourite soccer moment?
    Tariq answered: Without a doubt my favourite soccer moment was the 2006 world cup final in Germany between Italy and France. I fell in love with Zidane, his style of play, his class and his ability as a player. Everything he stood for, and everything he did for that french National team, helped deliver their previous world cup win, and helped them have the chance in 2006. Tied with that moment would be when Augero scored the final goal in the 2011/12 season for ManCity to carry us to our first ever premier league title. The reason this moment was so special was because I got to share it with my dad. I remember us both jumping out of our seats and over the couch! What a moment to remember.
  3. What do I think makes soccer the best sport in the world?
    Tariq answered: Accessibility. The fact that it’s so simple, yet so complex, and everyone should have access to be able to play the game makes it the best sport in the world. The fact that it can bring so many people together under one common language makes the game so important.
  4. Who’s my favourite soccer player and why?
    Tariq answered: My favourite soccer player of all time is Zinadine Zidane. The reason he is my favourite is because his first touch was incredible, his class was on another level, and he had the ability to see what most other players could not. His vision was out of this world, and all of that allowed him to change the game at any moment. However, Ronaldo “El Fenomeno” and Cristiano Ronaldo were the two players that inspired to play like. They really helped me fall in love with the game.
  5. Who is my fav soccer team and why?
    Tariq answered: My favourite soccer team is ManCity. I fell in love with the team when I was younger, because I recognized a GK who played with them “David James”. The only reason I recognized the player was because I used to play with his character in a game called fifa street as a kid. So decided to continue following and supporting ManCity since then (2006). Arsenal definitely holds a close place in my heart, but is not my favourite team.

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